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Paper Converting Services
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"Custom Converters, inc. offers a complete line of paper, film and foil slitting,
rewinding, spooling and sheeting services on all webs."
•Paper and Film and Foil Slitting and Rewinding Services
Custom Converters has the modern equipment and experience to convert virtually any material including paper, film, foil, nonwovens, laminates,rubber and foam as well as printed and coated materials.  Custom Converters specializes in narrow widths, long lengths runs and small rollput ups.  With our versatile equipment we can wind on cores from 3/8” I.D. to 8” I.D..Our precision setups can hold slit width tolerances to +- .002” and slit as narrow as 1/8”. 
We welcome the challenge of unusual slitting requirements and specialize in developing innovative techniques to efficiently handle these
•Traverse Winding Services
Custom Converters can spool a wide range of products giving the end user a continuous roll of material, reducing downtime for roll changes and splicing.  Material from 1/8’ wide to 1 ¼” wide can be wound on 3” or 6” I.D. cores .Whether you have film, pressure sensitive tape,paper, rubber, foam or transfer adhesive we can spool your product to any package dimension up to 18” O.D. and 12” wide.

Our sheeting machines are capable of handling many different materials.  Interleafing is available.   as well as finished packaging.

•Lathe cutting (bologna cutting)
    Slit widths as narrow as 1/8”
•Other Services

Clean room processing
Roll salvage and web inspections services
Warehousing and Distribution

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